You are welcomed with a spirit of celebration when shopping at any one of our 53 stores throughout Botswana.

We believe everyone should have fun and enjoy life’s moments responsibly. That is why each of our stores offer a unique shopping experience – catered specifically to each area. So no matter what you are looking for, we’ve got a wine, beer or liqueur for you.

At Liquorama we offer great value with our wide range of products, so there’s something for everyone: From local and international beer, ciders, spirits, coolers and the very best straight from the finest vineyards throughout South Africa. You can also try our local in-house brand: Cape Select, a selection of boxed wines that are light on your pocket and rich in quality.

Staying true to our heritage, every Liquorama store is managed and staffed by the people of Botswana. This is our way of remaining committed to the Citizen Empowerment programme. As it’s through the people of Botswana that our country can grow and flourish equally.

So when you come in to Liquorama, know you’ll be served with the friendliest service and the best promotions.